Studying at the Gregorian offers a unique experience, at the ecclesial and academic level, which leaves a mark of universality for life. Its international character, with professors and students from around 120 countries, makes the environment of the University unique. Along with this multicultural environment, where the center and the periphery meet, the Gregorian has a diverse training offer in its six faculties, two institutes and six specialized centers. We offer first, second or third cycle programs, as well as continuing education, in the following areas: Theology; Canon law; Philosophy; Church History; Church Cultural Heritage; Missiology; Social Sciences; Spirituality; Psychology; Formation of Formators; Interreligious Studies; and Safeguarding / Child Protection. In addition, students can enrich their study program with courses from the Pontifical Biblical Institute and the Pontifical Oriental Institute.

The diversity of the academic areas allows us to implement what Pope Francis, in Veritatis Gaudium, asks of ecclesiastical universities: "Inter- and trans-disciplinarity exercised with wisdom and creativity in the light of Revelation", so that formation and research takes into account "the unity of knowledge in the distinction and in respect of its multiple, correlated and converging expressions".

Being in Rome is not a simple geographical fact. In the city of Peter and Paul, we are in the heart of the Christian world, in close contact with our history and identity. Therefore, the University offers its students - seminarians, priests, men and women religious, laity and lay people - an environment marked by ecclesiality that inspires and shapes those who are preparing for a highly quali fi ed service in their local churches.

The Gregorian University defines itself as a research university in which teachers are engaged, on a par with teaching, in research and publications. Therefore, the library, as the beating heart of academic life, is constantly being updated and important resources are destined for it.

Finally, as a University given to the Society of Jesus, we accept the challenge of our Vice Grand Chancellor, Fr. Arturo Sosa: making each university a "source of reconciled life". We do it and we will continue to do it with you all!