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Contents: I semester: with Dulles and Lonergan as principle guides,
we begin by asking: “What is theology?” We go on to explore the diverse
sources of theology: revelation, reason, experience, the sensus fidelium and
the cultural situation of the today. We also explore the relationship between
theology and other disciplines such as the humanities and social sciences.

II semester: this seminar seeks to complement the introductory course on
Christology students attended in the first semester. In the first half, it follows
the kind of themes followed in a standard course on Christology but
pursues questions that may not have been treated in depth. In the second
half, we explore questions of the relevance of Christ for culture today.
A theme that may only have been arrived at the end of an introductory
course in Christology.

Objectives: To acquire a good understanding of how important is the
question of what method we are employing when we do theology; to help
students integrate the material of the more weighty prescribed courses in
theology that they are studying in this the first year of theology. They are encouraged
to begin thinking theologicallly and to express themselves clearly,
both orally and in writing; to continue the process of personal appropriation
of material studied in larger introductory courses.

Method: I semester: participative method: Students prepare readings
and present them in class. A pair of students animate the class discussion
each week. II semester: the seminar stresses group discussion. Each week
the student chooses one of four possible articles. Then, using a combination

of large group and small group discussions the students share what different
authors say on the same theme.

Evaluation: I semester: weekly single-page exercises. II semester:
weekly single-page exercises and a longer final paper.


  • Semestre: 1° Semestre
  • ECTS: 2


Gerard Kevin WHELAN
Gerard Kevin WHELAN

Orario lezioni/Aula

Semestre Giorno Dalle Alle Aula Piano Palazzo Note
1° Semestre Mercoledì 15 15.45 F111 1 Frascara
1° Semestre Mercoledì 16 16.45 F111 1 Frascara


  • A. DULLES, The Craft of Theology, New York 1995; B.
    LONERGAN, Method in Theology, London 1972; G. WHELAN, A Discerning
    Church: Pope Francis, Lonergan, and a Theological Method for the Future
    New York 2019.