JP2G23  LATIN LANGUAGE, I (A.A. 2021/2022)

  • Unità Accademica
    Facoltà di Diritto Canonico
  • Corso
    Licenza in Diritto Canonico

Content: This annual course is an Introduction to the Elements of
Latin Morphology, both regular and irregular (Nouns: Substantives, Adjectives,
Pronouns; Verbs: Finite Forms, Infinitives, Participles, Gerunds and
Gerundives), and of Latin Syntax (Cases’ System, Law of Agreement, Compound
and complex Sentences, Periphrastic Conjugations, Uses of Participles),
with emphasis on the close reading, translation, study and discussion
of Ecclesiastical Latin texts, and attention to their characteristic language,
syntax and style.

Objective: The course features continuous review of the grammatical
principles of Latin language and expansion of vocabulary. Reading comprehension
of Ecclesiastical Latin texts.

Method: Ordered and progressive presentation of grammar topics;
practical application of the theory learned through tests and guided exercises;
correction of personal documents; constant review of the topics presented;
involvement of students during the lessons in the form of questions
and answers.

Learning Assessment and Evaluation: The grammatical knowledge,
language skills and translation skills acquired will be constantly monitored

and assessed throughout the year, then evaluated in the only final exam
in the form of a written test. The candidate shall demonstrate that he / she
has understood the subject studied and that he / she is able to translate
the proposed text.


  • Semestre: Annuale
  • ECTS: 9



Orario lezioni/Aula

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  • J. F. COLLINS, A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, Washing -
    ton (DC) 1991.


Data Orario Aula Tipo esame da lettera a lettera Note
1 giu 2022 MATTINA 8.30 - 11 C109 Scritto A Z