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Objectives: The course is an introduction in the field of sexual abuse
of minors. The aim is to recognise signs of abuse and to identify the appropriate
means of intervention. Furthermore students will be able to address
the psychological and theological issues of abuse. Students will understand
the need to elaborate prevention measures in order to create a healthy environment.

Contents: Reflection on a culture of awareness and sensitivity. Understanding
prevention as an essential principle in order to ensure appropriate
boundaries. Prevention means to create a safe environment. Pastoral staff
as privileged persons for first contact with children and adolescents who
have experienced abuse. The current state of preventive work (on the part
of the Church). Sexual abuse of minors (What constitutes an abuse? What
are the consequences in criminal law and in canon law?). Preventive work
(institutional). Respecting boundaries: what to do in cases of alleged sexual
abuse. How to speak with children who have been victimized.

Teaching Method: During the classes, which are conducted in an interactive
form, the presented topics will be discussed and reflected together
with the students. Other activities will include group work and role play exercises.

Method of Evaluation: Learning will be evaluated through a written
paper, following the indications which will be given at the beginning of the


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 1


Katharina Anna FUCHS
Katharina Anna FUCHS

Orario lezioni/Aula

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    Il libro è disponibile anche in altre lingue.
    Ore 25 ECTS 1


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1 giu 2022 . . Elaborato A Z La data è indicativa, per la consegna dell'elaborato rispettare le scadenze e modalità previste.