The Threefold Seeing of the World

  • The Threefold Seeing of the World

The Threefold Seeing of the World

Artist, Work of art and Observer on Cross-Disciplinary Understanding

This project intends to bring together professors and students in order to form a diversified community of study and to cultivate and develop cross-disciplinary understanding. The idea is inspired by Guardini’s Weltanschauung catholicos – which was founded on the idea of the ‘Blick Christi’ as a Threefold Seeing of the world and delivered as the origin of cross-disciplinary understanding – and finds its reflection in Pope Francis’s Veritatis Gaudium. Pairs of experts and students, from 5 different universities will study the origin, story and theory of the threefold seeing (Blick Christi) and its role for the scientific research. The project is divided in a forum as an intellectual laboratory (January 11-15, 2022) and then practiced in a one-week work-shop in a village in Sicily (5-14 September 2022) and will conclude with a publication. The project will foster a creative process of thinking grounded in the experience of self-understanding and the practice of an encounter of theoretical thinking, thinking on experience and contemplation. The process presupposes the creation/formation of communities of understanding and promotes independent thinkers, men and women, who are integrated in heart, mind, spirit and body.

Data 11-gen-2022
Organizzatore: Centro Fede e Cultura Alberto Hurtado
Categoria: Incontro di Studio
Aula: Online

Pontificia Università Gregoriana
Piazza della Pilotta, 4
I-00187 Roma

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Responsable for the study day at the Pontifcial Gregorian Univerity:
Dr. Yvonne Dohna Schlobitten, Prof. Stella Morra, F. Stefano del Bove SJ, F. Corkery SJ e
F. Vila Cha SJ.

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