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Online services for the Rectors of the Colleges

The "Collegio" code and the password, provided by the Registrar's Office, are requested for accessing the Online Secretary and the University Repository.

Information follows To contact the Website Responsible To contact the Website Responsible

To access the Online Secretary

Colleges Online Secretary

  • interrogazione archivio studenti
  • elenco studenti iscritti
  • Vademecum per i Rettori e i delegati dei Collegi per i periodi delle immatricolazioni / iscrizioni
  • rinnovo iscrizioni
Colleges Online Secretary
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Colleges Search

The service Colleges Search allows to find quickly Colleges registered in the Gregorian University database. The Colleges are classified in five categories: 'For Diocesan Clergy', 'For Men Religious', 'For Women Religious', 'For Laypersons', 'For Laypersons and Religious'. The service is completely bilingual (Italian and English).

Colleges Search
To access the University Repository

University Repository

The Repository contains the Academic Documents of the previous years as the "Ordo anni academici", the Academic Programs, the Academic Calendars and reserved access documents.

University Repository
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Subjects and Doctoral Dissertations

This section allows to carry out queries about Subjects of Doctoral Dissertations and about Doctoral Dissertations.

You can also display the calendar of the forthcoming Doctoral Defensess.

Subjects and Dissertations