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Online services for the Professors

The "matriculation number" and the password, provided by the Registrar's Office, are requested for accessing the Online Secretary, the Virtual Office, the online Forum, the "Suggestions to purchase documents for the Library" service and the University Repository.

The Applications Environment (ADG) requires an UserId and Password provided by the Website Responsible of the University.

Information follows To contact the Website Responsible To contact the Website Responsible

To access the Online Secretary

Professors Online Secretary

  • gestione anagrafica del Docente
  • visualizzazione corsi / studenti / piani di studio
  • risultato valutazione dei corsi e seminari
  • questionario disponibilità sessioni di esame
  • identificazione degli studenti prima dell'esame e registrazione dei verbali di esame (soltanto per alcune Unità Accademiche)
  • statistica dei voti e confronto con l'Unità Accademica e l'Università
Professors Online Secretary
To access the Virtual Office

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office allows Professors of the Gregorian University to easily publish on the Website of the University information, documents and resources related to their Academic Activities, according with the University policy. In particular the Professor can:

  • request the Virtual Office activation (the first time)
  • manage its Virtual Office:
    • Professor's information: pictures, telephone number, office location, personal website
    • documentation: scientific CV, publications, Professor's papers, virtual space, sitography
    • management of the lecture notes of the courses: upload, protection, visibility, ...
    • management of the extended access to lecture notes / forums of the course
    • notice board management, mailing to a student, mass-mailng to all students of a course
Virtual Office
To access the Online Forum

Online Forum

The online Forum offers students and their professors and assistants a place to meet and discuss online. In particular:

  • a forum is always linked to a course
  • each course began in the semester can have an online forum
  • Professor inserts the topic of thread (a text with an attachment, if any) in the forum of a course
  • both students and Professor can comment upon a topic, posting comments (texts)
  • an online thread is made of a topic and the relative comments posted by the people participating in it
Online Forum
To access the application

Suggest Books to Buy

The service allows Professors to suggest books and other various documents that the Library should purchase.

Suggest Books to Buy
To access the Application Environment (ADG)

Applications Environment

  • notice board Management
  • browsing of the participants to one or more public events
  • management of the databases (GRID)
  • management of Web pages (CMS)
Applications Environment
To access the University Repository

University Repository

The Repository contains the Academic Documents of the previous years as the "Ordo anni academici", the Academic Programs, the Academic Calendars and reserved access documents.

University Repository