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Third Cycle - Specialization in Jurisprudence

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Third Cycle - Doctorate with a Specialization in Jurisprudence

Dean Fr. Yuji Sugawara, SJ

Admission Criteria

  • Licence’s Degree in Canon Law
  • Global licence’s score: 8,6-10
  • Licence’s Thesis score: 8,6-10
  • Knowledge of Italian and Latin languages


Normally at least three years (six semesters). In any case, the necessary time to produce a research giving an original scientific contribution. During this period a whole year is dedicated to a Jurisprudence course.


Not specified.

Learning outcomes

In the Jurisprudence Specialization there are mandatory courses, seminars and exercitations regarding in particular tribunal doctrine and practice. Under professors’ supervision, students are required to discuss cases and practice in the different roles of advocate, defender of the bond and judge.

The third cycle is also dedicated to the preparation of the dissertation, which will be advisably (but not mandatorily) about the specialization subject.

Beside knowledge of their native language, Latin (IV level), and obviously Italian, students are required to have knowledge of at least two modern languages, one neo-latin and the other either English or German, in order to have a clear understanding of the subjects they read.

In the formation of doctoral candidates, the Faculty pursues the aim to educate qualified canonists, in the field of the studies, the teaching and the use of canon law following the tradition of the Church and to fulfil particular functions, necessary to the life of the Universal Church as well as the Particular local Churches.

Criteria for the elaboration of the final degree

Global score of special courses and seminars (GE3000): 30%

Dissertation Defence: 10%

Doctoral Dissertation: 60%

For more information please consult the Third Cycle Norms: Qualification Framework To consult the Third Cycle Norms