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Third Cycle - Faculty of Missiology

Dean Fr. Bryan Lobo, SJ

Admission Criteria

To access the Third Cycle it is necessary to have a Licence in Missiology with the final score of at least 8.6/10 (magna cum Laude).

Students are also required to be able to read the modern languages required for their scientific research.

Duration and program

Usually the Third Cycle goes on for at least three years. At the beginning is offered a Cursus ad doctoratum (from 1 to 3 semesters), a preparatory course for the research work followed by a presentation of the research topic. Students must reside in Rome for at least 2 years, in order to have a personal interaction with the moderator, to focus on the research work and participate in the Scuola Dottorale, a moment of debate, sharing, and intellectual maturation.

Learning outcomes

The Third Cycle involves a written elaboration and a public discussion of the research topic to finally attain a Doctorate in Missiology. It helps to train students to acquire a systematic understanding of the subjects concerning mission Ad Gentes, New Evangelization and Theology of Religions, as well as a mastery in research methodologies associated with these fields.

For more information please consult the Third Cycle Norms: Qualification Framework To consult the Third Cycle Norms