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Diploma in Applied Theology with Speciali- zation in Family Ministry 2018-2019
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Testimonials - Department of Moral Theology

Dean Fr. Dariusz Kowalczyk, SJ

Director Fr. Diego Alonso-Lasheras, SJ

[Mexican missionary, religious sister]:

"I studied at the Gregorian University from 2011 to 2013, [where] I found support and guidance from the faculty and fellow students, both for my life as a religious and for my ministry: forming junior sisters and teaching. I chose to study at this university because I discovered that it provides solid spiritual and theological foundations, while building bridges between theology and ministry.

Theologically, [studying ethics at the Gregorian] helped me deepen my knowledge of the person of Christ and his Gospel, with the help of Scripture, theological reflection in dialogue with various authors in [Moral Theology], the contributions of the Church Magisterium, and confrontation and dialogue with other disciplines (Philosophy, sociology, psychology, etc.). I believe I have received clear guidance and training so as to face the various challenges that life presents to Christian morality today.

Pastorally, it helped me answer better to God's calling, further the formation of my conscience, and hone in on what is central to Christian life: a living encounter with the Lord which allows me to identify with him and adopt his lifestyle and his set of values. These are the necessary elements to achieve an authentic Christian moral life, [and they have helped me become] a dedicated [and effective] missionary."

[Lupita R.]

[Diocesan Priest from Latin America]

"I wanted to study at this University given its excellent academic training, its positive focus on human issues and its ecclesial and Christian orientation. The Professors stand out for their intellectual and human qualities, being wise men and women of the Church, inspired by the spirituality of St. Ignatius [...]. As a student of Moral Theology I have received a formation which has been very enriching, from both a Christian and a human point of view, [fostering in me] a commitment to promote human dignity and the fundamental value of human life, respect for other persons, and interdisciplinary dialogue as a path to unity and communion. All this rooted in Christ the Lord, our way, our truth and our life."

[Felipe G.]