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Dean Fr. Jacquineau Azétsop, SJ

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Bachelor Degree

Temi per Baccalaureato 2018

To consult the file Temi_per_Baccellierato_2018.pdf

Themes for the Bachelor Degree (SE1005)

To consult the file 151222_FSS_temi_Baccellierato_v1_it.pdf

Licentiate Degree

Temi per Licenza 2019

To consult the file Temi_Esami_Licenza_ AA_2018- 2019.pdf

Themes for the Licentiate (SE2000)

To consult the file 151222_FSS_temi_Licenza_v1_it.pdf


Modulo Approvazione Titolo Esami finali

To consult the file FSS_Modulo Approvazione Titolo BAC LIC2016.docx

Form for Alumni/ae

To consult the file 141014_FSS_modulo_ex_alunni_it.doc

Front covers

Front cover of the Term Papers

To consult the file FSS_Copertina Elaborati 2016.docx

Front cover of the Thesis for the Bachelor Degree

To consult the file 121214_FSS_copertina_elaborato_di_Baccellierato_it.doc

Front cover of the final exams

To consult the file FSS_Copertina ElaboratoBAC TesiLIC DissertazioneDOTT 2016.docx