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Sheet of the course SGS207 | 2017-2018


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Characteristics: 4.0 ECTS - First six-month period

Professor: Albert E. Alejo

Academic Unit: Faculty of Social Sciences

Course of "Laurea": Sc.sociali: Licenza

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Objective: This course grapples with questions like: How can we sensitively 'enter,' as it were, into other people's cultures, catch the internal logic of their symbols, and follow their movements and meanings? And how can we double-check our own presuppositions in the process? This methods course could be relevant to those who feel they need an intimate empirical grounding to support or challenge their social research, political advocacy, pastoral ministry, interreligious dialogue, cross-cultural communication and even philosophical or theological reflection. Content: We study time-tested analytical tools and practical skills in doing fieldwork and explore imaginative methodologies to match hyphenated identities, virtual communities, gendered objects, contested landscapes, movable beliefs, cultural politics and discursive violence, among others. Handbooks on methodologies shall be partnered with sample ethnographies of varying styles of writing, including narrative. Method: Classroom lectures shall be combined with a short-term fieldwork within the city. The one-page weekly individual reflections are meant to help in digesting inputs and insights. Classes will be in English, but students are encouraged to use other sources. Students' sharing of their cultural backgrounds and real-life struggles enrich class experience. Evaluation: Participants in this class shall demonstrate their learnings through creative small-group ethnographic projects and a final individual paper of reasonable length.


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