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The new service Periodicals Search allows to search more quickly Library periodicals. Search result concerns (besides data related to title, abbreviated title, subject area code, shelf location code, status of periodical (current/ceased), online electronic version), data related to phisical location, holdings, online electronic version link and coverage. The service is completely bilingual (Italian and English).

To know last new available issues, please search on ACNP
At the end of the year, printed periodicals are bound: see the list of periodicals at the bookbinder's to see what titles/years are currently unavailable at the Library To consult the document [March 2017]

During the title selection, please do not enter the article (for instance "L’....")

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Shelf Location Code Format: [Subject Area Code] [blank] [progressive number]. For example, the Shelf Location Code "A[blank]1" means "La Civiltà Cattolica"

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