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Scheda del corso EC2013 | 2017-2018


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Caratteristiche: 3.0 ECTS - Primo semestre

Docente: Rav David Meyer

Unità Accademica: Centro "Cardinal Bea" per gli Studi Giudaici

Corso di Laurea: Centro Bea: Diploma Biennale

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Objectives: This class will explore the writings of various Rabbis/ Jewish theologians of the past century, attempting – each in his own way – to offer a viable path to maintain faith in the Covenant, cornerstone of rabbinic Judaism doctrine, and to address the question how their thought impacts the nature of Jewish-Christian dialogue. Content: While ritual practice is often considered to define the essence of Judaism, the belief in the existence of a Covenant between God and the Children of Israel serves as the theological foundation for the centrality of the Commandments in Jewish life. In the aftermath of the Shoah, how is one to understand the continuing existence of the Covenant? Through text base studies and discussion this course will explore the often innovative thinking of Jewish theologians as well as Christian responses to them. Evaluation: Oral examination.


I. GREENBERG, The Third Great Cycle of Jewish History: Voluntary Covenant : the Third Era of Jewish History, Power and Politics, New York 1988; I. MAYBAUM, The Face of God After Auschwitz, Amsterdam 1965; I. MAYBAUM, The Jewish Mission, London 1949; E.B. BOROWITZ, Renewing the Covenant, Philadelphia 1996; E.J. FISHER, “Covenant Theology and Jewish-Christian Dialogue” in American Journal of Theology and Philosophy Vol. 9, No. 1/2, Champaign (IL) 1988, pp. 5-40; PH.A. CUNNINGHAM, J. SIEVERS, M. BOYS, H.H. HENRIX (eds.), Jesus Christ and the Jewish People Today, Cambridge (UK) 2011.