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For students from Colleges and registered like that in the University, the practices of enrolment and registration must be completed exclusively by the delegate appointed by the Rector and / or by the Superior of the College.

1. Admission process

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Prospective students who want to become actual students of the Gregorian University, including those who want to become Guest-students, must go through an admission process.

Prospective students who do not belong to the European Union can ask the Registrar's Office for a "pre-enrolment" certificate How to obtain a ’pre-enrolment’ certificate

2. How to become a student at the Gregorian University

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Step 1/4   2.1 Pre-registration/enrolment online procedure (suggested browsers are Firefox, Safari and Chrome)

The pre-registration/enrolment online procedure, available on the University Website, allows people to:

  • pre-register;
  • enrol to the Cycle of studies;
  • choose courses, seminars and guided readings.

This online procedure is available from September 3, 2019 09:30 for the first semester, and form December 17, 2019 09:30 for the second semester.

To start, click the button:


Prospective students can safely enter their personal data and easily choose courses, seminars and guided readings they wish to attend (except compulsory courses).

Prospective students must give an e-mail address to receive the two compiled documents in PDF format at the end of the data entry:

  • registration form (one copy);
  • enrolment from (two copies).

Step 2/4   2.2 Signature of Dean / Director

Forms must be signed by the Dean / Director. If the prospective student belongs to a College, forms must be signed also by the Rector of the College.

The procedure is null without the authorization of the Dean / Director.

Step 3/4   2.3 Documents delivering

From September 18, 2019 to October 2, 2019 for the registration to the first semester or for the annual registration and from January 20, 2020 to January 31, 2020 for the registration to the second semester, bring to the Registrar's Office with the following documents:

List of documents to be delivered to the Registrar's Office

  1. enrolment and registration forms duly signed and authorized;
  2. Privacy declaration of consent duly signed (available in the "Online Forms" section of this Website);
  3. copy of an identity document or passport, accompanied by the original, which must be presented upon enrolment;
  4. the original certificate or the Diploma of the studies previously carried out which will be retained by the Registrar for the duration of the study cycle, except for guest students;
  5. for non-EU students: a photocopy of the visa for study purposes (for laymen / laywomen) or for religious reasons (for seminarians, religious students) issued by the Italian Consulate in the country of origin, whose original must be produced;
  6. for non-Italian students: a certificate of attendance of an Italian language course, lasting not less than five weeks (100 hours), issued by the Institution where it was followed;
  7. for clergymen, religious, seminarians, members of associations or movements recognized by Ecclesiastical Authority: the board of enrolment shall bear stamp and signature of the Rector , of the Superior or of the Ecclesiastical Assistant;
  8. for diocesan priests domiciled in Rome outside of the authorized Colleges: a copy of the "extracollegialità" issued by the Vicariate of Rome;
  9. for the laity: a letter of introduction to an Ecclesiastical Authority.

In absence of any of the documents pointed out, the Registrar cannot accept the request for registration.

Soltanto per gli studenti che si immatricolano o si iscrivono al Terzo Ciclo il termine di scadenza per la consegna delle schede firmate ed autorizzate sarà il October 30, 2019 per il primo semestre e il February 28, 2020 per il secondo semestre.

Step 4/4  2.4 Payment of Academic Fees

To activate the enrolment, the last step is the payment of the Tuition & Fees.

Pay attention to the deadlines

The annual enrolment fees can be paid in two equal instalments:

Segue informazioni First semester: by October 2, 2019

Segue informazioni Second semester: by January 31, 2020

without any additional charge.

Since registration at the Gregorian University requires personal data, the Online Procedure has been developed according to ethical and safety standards. The Gregorian University is committed to safeguard its users’ privacy and protect personal data, in compliance to the Italian data protection law (art.13 D.Lgs.196/03).