List of documents required for registration

  • the registration and enrollment forms signed and authorized;
  • the Privacy declaration of consent signed (available in the "Online forms" section of this website);
  • a photocopy of an identity document or passport, accompanied by the original, which must be presented at the time of enrollment;
  • an original certificate or Diploma of studies previously carried out which will be retained by the General Secretariat for the entire duration of the course of study, except for guest students;

Also necessary are:

  • for non-EU students: a photocopy of the visa for study purposes (for lay people) or for religious reasons (for seminarians, religious) issued by the Italian consular authority of the country of origin, whose original must to be exhibited;
  • for foreign students: a certificate of attendance at an Italian language course, lasting no less than 5 weeks (100 hours), issued by the institution where it was attended;
  • for clerics, religious, seminarians, members of associations or movements recognized by the ecclesiastical authority: the matriculation form must bear the signature and stamp of the Rector, Superior or Ecclesiastical Assistant;
  • for diocesan priests domiciled in Rome outside the authorized Colleges: a certification of the recognition of the ministerial faculties issued by the Vicariate of Rome;
  • for the laity: a letter of introduction from an Ecclesiastical Authority.