Study Plan

Procedure to follow for the presentation of the study plan

  • Complete the study plan during the online procedure on the University website. You can include optional courses, your own, seminars and guided readings
  • Submit the forms to the Dean for approval
  • Subsequently deliver the course module in the Registrar's Office and the seminar and guided reading modules in the respective Faculties
  • Contact the Faculty Secretariat where the seminar will be held to apply for enrollment if you intend to follow a seminar and / or a guided reading of another Faculty, with the permission of the respective Deans / Directors.

Changes to the study plan

Any changes, authorized in advance by the Dean / Dean / Director, can be made from October 23th to 31st 2019 (for the 1st semester) and from February 24th to 28th 2020 (for the 2nd semester) using the online procedure and must be delivered to the Registrar's Office.

Beyond these dates, and only within the next two weeks, it will be possible to add courses only after having obtained, in addition to the signature of the Dean / Dean / Director, also that of the Deputy Academic Rector. The student must go to the General Secretariat for the completion of the practice and then to the Cash Office for the payment of the related fee (see special fees). Courses may be canceled from the study plan throughout the year with the signature of the Dean / Dean / Director who authorized the study plan

Other useful information

Students are required to attend lectures, seminars, exercises (see Statutes, title 7, art. 68, §2) and complete the credits that the Statutes and Regulations of each Faculty determine. Therefore the students who accumulate absences equal to one third of the lessons of a course / seminar etc. lose the right to take the exam.

The Pontifical Gregorian University allows, exclusively for ordinary and extraordinary students, the inclusion in the Study Plan of courses of the Pontifical Biblical Institute and of the Pontifical Oriantale Institute with the permission of the respective Deans / Deans / Directors.