For students belonging to Colleges and registered as such in the University, the registration and enrollment procedures must be carried out at the Registrar's Office only by the delegate designated by the Dean and/or the Superior of the College.

For ordinary and extraordinary students, enrolment is annual unless otherwise indicated by the student.

Students who have already attended the University in previous years keep the same registration number. If they have not sent to the General Secretariat the update of their data, the original certificate and/or Diploma of studies previously carried out in addition to the signed "Privacy" declaration of consent, they must do so at the time of their new enrolment.

Registration Phases

Through this online process, students can:

  • do pre-enrollment, for new students;
  • register for the Cycle of Studies and make the choice of courses, seminars and guided readings for everyone.

To view the enrollment period visit the Important Deadlines page

Before starting the online application, make sure you have a JPEG passport photo and the following documents, all mandatory, in PDF format on your PC, tablet or smartphone:

  • identity document or passport (the latter compulsory for students from countries outside the Schengen Area).
  • original certificate or the Diploma of pre-university studies, except for guest students;
  • for non-EU students: visa for study reasons (for lay students) and/or for religious reasons (for seminarians, religious students) issued by the Italian Consular Authority of the country of origin;
  • for non-Italian students: a certificate of attendance of an Italian language course, lasting no less than 5 weeks (100 hours), issued by the institution where it was followed;
  • for religious, seminarians and members of associations or movements recognized by the Ecclesiastical Authority: the authorization of the Rector, Superior or Ecclesiastical Assistant;
  • for diocesan priests domiciled in Rome outside the self-employed Colleges: a certificate of recognition of the ministerial faculties issued by the Vicariate of Rome;
  • for lay people, a letter of presentation from an ecclesiastical authority.

You will be able to enter your personal data in a securely and easily choose courses, seminars and guided readings excluding the prescribed courses.

For freshman students during the enrollment period can:

  • make the transition to the following year in the same Cycle (excluding doctoral students who enroll automatically);
  • move from one Cycle to another in the same Faculty;
  • moving from one Faculty, Institute or Center to another;

For all students, the choice of seminars and guided readings is guaranteed only if registration has taken place within the allowed time.

The authorization, which will make the registration and enrolment process effective, will take place electronically and will be confirmed to the student by the Registrar's Office.  

The submission to the General Secretariat of the original documents proving the studies previously carried out must take place after the periods of enrolment and registration, and in any case before booking the exams of the winter session.

The payment of the Academic Fees makes effective the enrollment at the University

Contacts and References

On our website and on the Online Services page for Student are available:

– Study plans, academic notes, grades, Italian test results and academic grades

– Payment receipt of academic fees;

– Course calendar and exam calls;

– Schedules, teachers and classrooms for courses and seminars;

– Dates, times, classrooms, and exam session committees;

Forms, Rules and Norms, calendar of doctoral defences, list of topics in progress of the Third Cycle;

–Notices and information on University activities;

– University publications (Ordo, Programmes of Studies, Liber Annualis, etc.).

For more information please contact Registrar's Office