For students belonging to Colleges and registered as such in the University, enrollment and registration procedures must be carried out only by the delegate designated by the Rector and / or by the Superior of the College.

For ordinary and extraordinary students, enrollment is annual unless otherwise indicated by the student.

Registration Phases

Through this online process, students can:

  • do pre-enrollment, for new students;
  • enroll in the cycle of studies
  • make the choice of courses, seminars and guided readings, for everyone.

For new students it can be performed starting from 3 September 2019 for the 1st semester and from 17 December 2019 for the 2nd semester.

During the online procedure, new students can enter their personal data securely and can easily choose the courses, seminars and guided readings they intend to attend (excluding prescribed courses).

The procedure requires a passport photo in electronic format (JPEG) and an e-mail address to receive, at the end of data entry, the following completed PDF documents:

  • the matriculation form (only for new students) in single copy;
  • the registration form for the courses, seminars, etc. (for all) in two copies.

Through the online services for freshman students, starting from 1.00 pm on 26th July 2019 for the 1st semester and on 17th December 2019 for the 2nd semester, they can enroll in subsequent years for:

  • make the transition to the following year in the same Cycle (excluding doctoral students who enroll automatically);
  • move from one Cycle to another in the same Faculty;
  • moving from one Faculty, Institute or Center to another;

For all students, the choice of seminars and guided readings is guaranteed only if registration has taken place within the allowed time.

The forms must be submitted for signature by the Dean / Dean / Director. If the student belongs to a College, the forms must also be signed by the Superior of the College.

More information about signature scheme can be found in the documents below: 

The process is not effective without the authorization of the Dean / Dean / Director.

From 18 September to 2 October 2019 for registration in the first semester or annual and from 20 to 31 January 2020 for the registration to the second semester the indicative documents must be delivered to the General Secretariat in the Documentation section.

The payment of the Academic Fees to the Cash Office makes effective the enrollment at the University