Booking/Cancelling Exams

It is carried out exclusively through the electronic procedure in the periods provided by the calendar. Through this function the student can choose, from a calendar of calls available before the booking periods, the date and time of the exam call to be taken. If the call is not open (e.g. exam backlog, autumn session, etc.), with the same function, you can send a request for opening of call to the General Secretariat that will organize the call for examination upon payment of any fees NP and FT. Any late bookings will be accepted in the Registrar's Office until the examination minutes are available to the teachers against payment of the surcharge (see special fees). Operating procedures will be indicated by public notice before each booking period.

We also suggest visiting the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, where students can find answers to the most common questions about exams.

Extraordinary Exam Sessions

Students may apply to the Dean/President/Director for admission to an exam in an extraordinary session. Such requests may not be made during an ordinary examination session, immediately after its completion, during periods of closure of the University or suspension of academic activities. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Professor to agree on the place, date and time of the exam. Only after having obtained the form with the permit issued, the student will have to go to the Registrar's Office to complete the enrolment procedures and then to the Cashier's Office for the payment of the relative fee.

Electronic Recording of Examinations

The electronic recording of written and oral exams takes place through the identification of the student's presence with a digital procedure. Students are therefore required to show up for the exams with their own RFID card (badge) and password for access to computer services. More information is available in the Standards section.