Spiritual Exercises in Ordinary Life (E.V.O.)

The Spiritual Exercises in Ordinary Life are a personal experience of encounter with the Lord in prayer and daily life.

they are placed on a different level than the other tools of formation and education to Faith (catechesis, conferences, meetings, debates, courses) because they involve all spheres of the individual (intellect, memory, body, emotionality, imagination, will) and generate behaviors and choices of life.

In this sense, the Exercises are not a further commitment to be set in stone among the thousand of the day: they are the daily stopover of silence, the encounter with ourselves and with God, which we profoundly need but which our own too many commitments often deny us.

The centre of the experience is the personal and intimate relationship with the Lord (which for some is rediscovered and for others is new) in which gradually but effectively a true spiritual growth takes place, which spontaneously translates into coherent life choices.

The results are often surprising: everything in everyday life takes on a new meaning and value. We discover our spiritual identity and the personal mission that God entrusts to each of us. The natural consequence is a new sensitivity and a renewed commitment to the calls that come from the ecclesial and social context in which we live. It is, in short, a journey into a world for many unexplored, a fascinating adventure to discover a personal Christian identity and a new life: LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.

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