To whom are addressed

The Exercises are not a journey of initiation into faith; for this reason they are addressed to people who already believe and wish to deepen their spiritual life in a demanding interior journey with availability and openness. They are a proposal addressed to lay people, religious, priests, married couples or boyfriends (also as a path of a spiritual preparation for marriage), to educators, to those who wish to rediscover the inner motivations of their being Christian or of a choice of life.

What they require

In order to be able to deliver the expected outcomes, experience requires constant encounter with the spiritual guide (every two weeks) and adherence to the time of daily prayer (to be agreed with the guide); it must therefore be able to be taken on as an important commitment within the day and must be reconciled, of course, with family and professional commitments.

The method

Regardless of the normal Spiritual Exercises, which involve retreating to a place of silence for a few days, the Exercises in Daily Life take place in the normal ordinary life in order to foster the profound integration between prayer and life.

The method is inspired by the Spiritual Exercises, approved by the Church, which St. Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Society of Jesus) already proposed in 1540 in Rome to various people who could not forsake their work commitments.

The pedagogy used is a path of spiritual growth by successive stages, linked by moments of verification and deepening with a spiritual guide with whom to deal.

At the center of each meditation is placed the Word of God that leads to the personal encounter with Jesus the Saviour. The prayer school introduces the methods and inner attitudes concerning meditation and contemplation. In addition, all the elements for personal spiritual discernment are gradually provided.

The experience takes place over a period of time to be agreed with the spiritual guide (excluding the summer period) and is based on two fundamental elements:

  • PERSONAL DAILY STOPOVER (to be agreed with the guide) dedicated to meditation on the spiritual guidelines indicated by the guide. This is the core of the Exercises experience in Daily Life
  • STAFF MEETING WITH THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE to verify the path taken. The frequency of such meetings is every two weeks

Those who wish to embark on the path of the Exercises in Daily Life, or simply have further information, can contact us directly:
P. James Grummer, S.J.
[email protected]

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