Tuition and fees

The annual registration fees can be paid in two equal installments:

  • First semester: by 2 October 2019
  • Second semester: by 31 January 2020

After this date the academic fee will be increased by € 50.

For the Third Cycle or Doctorate, it is possible to pay the entire fee in six six-monthly installments of € 650 each, to be paid by October 30th, October 15th for the Faculties of Canon Law and History and Cultural Heritage of the Church. and by February 28 of each year, without the application of surcharges.
Beyond these dates, the academic fee will be increased by € 50.
The annual validation, to be paid for the possible continuation of the Third Cycle, over three years from the date of registration must be paid by September 10th 2020 of the registration

How to pay?

Academic fees can be paid with: "non-transferable" check or bank draft payable to the Pontifical Gregorian University; ATM; credit card; or by bank transfer to be made to the bank account held by the Pontifical Gregorian University at UniCredit Banca di Roma S.p.A., Agency 70 in Rome: IBAN: IT 76A 02008 05181 000400554617; B.I.C. UNCRITM1B44.

The latter payment method will be valid only if the transfer, made to the bank account held by the Pontifical Gregorian University, will have the date of the currency to the beneficiary within the last day for registration.

The receipt of the transfer must be sent to the bursar by email ([email protected]) or delivered by hand to the office of the Bursar's Office.

If the date of the currency of the transfer will be later than the last day for registration, it will be necessary to supplement the amount of the transfer with the increase provided for the delay in registration.

If the student is entitled to a scholarship, he must still go to the Bursar's Office by the deadline for the validation of the enrollment