Rector's Welcome

I would like cordially welcome the entire academic community to the Gregorian University, and in a special way our new students who have just arrived in Rome for the first time. In the Eternal City, made holy by Saints Peter and Paul, we are in the very heart of the Church, preparing to go into the whole world, to its margins, to bring the fruit of our academic and spiritual formation.   We are composed of  six Faculties, three Institutes, and five specialised Centres, each of which allow the University to provide a wide range of programmes for our students.

The diversity of these academic areas allows us to implement what Pope Francis, in Veritatis Gaudium, asks of ecclesiastical universities: "inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches carried out with wisdom and creativity in the light of Revelation", so that formation and research keep in mind "the unity in difference of knowledge and respect for its multiple, correlated and convergent expressions". The diversity of our academic community, composed of members from almost 130 countries, offers the opportunity to live an international experience that has a lifelong impact.

After the joint work to prepare for the visit of the AVEPRO external evaluation commission conducted in the academic year 2021-2022, we know the importance of taking advantage of opportunities and the evaluation we have received to plan for an improved future. In the context of the Ignatian Year, Superior General Fr Arturo Sosa proposed the theme of conversion and discernment for our reflection: "Conversion consists sometimes of great moments of change, but it is also a never-ending process. We need to put Christ in the centre every time, again and again. This process is a pilgrimage along winding roads, up and down, sometimes having to retrace our steps, sometimes feeling lost. But meeting people along the road who indicate the way and reach out their hands to us."

I wish you, on behalf of the University, a good academic year, fruitful in grace and joyful in our response to the mission we have received.

Mark A. Lewis, S.J.

Rector of Pontifical Gregorian University