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Tuition & Fees 2019-2020

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All annual registration fees can be paid in two equal installments:

Information follows First semester: by October 2, 2019

Information follows Second semester: by January 31, 2020

Beyond this date the academic fee will be increased by € 50.

Information about Third Cycle fees is avaible on the section 'Third cycle overall share'.

Payment of Tuition Fees can be made by cheque or non negotiable bank draft in the name of the Pontificia Università Gregoriana, by ATM/Cash Machine, by credit card, or by bank transfer on the bank account registered in the Pontificia Università Gregoriana's name at Unicredit Banca di Roma S.p.A., 70 Agency in Rome: IBAN: IT 76A 02008 05181 000400554617; B.I.C. UNCRITM1B44.

This last payment method is only valid if the value date of the bank transfer falls within the last day for registration.

The receipt of the bank transfer must be sent via email to the Bursar's Office ( or delivered by hand at the Bursar's counter.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to integrate the transfer amount with the fee for the delay in registration (see special taxes).

If the student benefits from a scholarship, he will have to go to the Bursar's Office within the deadline for registration anyhow.

1. Annual registration fees 2019-2020

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1.First Cycle or Bachelor degree (the Institute of Psychology excepted)€ 2.160
2.Second Cycle or Licentiate (the Institute of Psychology excepted)€ 2.710
3.Third Cycle or Doctorate (see space in the second chapter "Third Cycle or Doctorate") 
4. Diploma  
 Diploma for Priesthood and Religious Life Educators€ 2.710
 Specialization Diploma in Law€ 2.160
 Diploma in Missiology€ 2.160
 Diploma in Spirituality€ 2.160
 Diploma in Ignatian Spirituality€ 2.160
 Diploma in Jewish Studies€ 2.160
 Diploma in Safeguarding of Minors€ 2.160
 Diploma in Interreligious Studies€ 2.160
 Diploma in practical Theology: specialization in family pastoral€ 1.060
 Joint Diploma in Integral Ecology*€ 305
 Diploma in Leadership€ 610
5.Training Program for Spiritual Directors€ 1.120
6.Update program in Missiology€ 1.100
7. Institute of Psychology  
 Preparatory year 1st year€ 2.980
 Second Cycle or Licentiate€ 3.300
 Safeguarding License€ 3.300
 Practical training€ 1.300
8. students with incompletes**  
 For enrolment in each semester€ 310
 For each course, in the semester€ 160
9. Guest students***  
 For a semester course€ 310
 For an annual course€ 470
 For any further course, in the semester€ 160
10. Alberto Hurtado Centre for Faith and Culture****  
 For each module offered by the Centre€ 105
11. "Freisemester - Visitors Students  
 Limited to one course in the semester€ 310
  "Freisemester - Extraordinary Students  
 For a single course of the semester€ 310
 For any further course, in the semester**€ 160

* For ordinary and extraordinary students already enrolled in one Pontifical Faculties participating in the initiative and its affiliated Institutes, the amount will be 100 euros.

** Having the student to choose more than one course, the total amount will not be higher than the corresponding semester registration fee scheduled for an ordinary student anyhow.

*** The guest student can enroll for no more than three courses per semester.

****  Annual amounts: a contribution of Euro 105 for one module and Euro 210 for two modules,is required for Centro Hurtado students exclusively among those offered by the Hurtado Centre.

**** All annual registration fees can be paid in two equal installments: by October 2, 2019 and by January 31, 2020. Beyond this date the academic fee will be increased by € 50.

2. Third Cycle overall share

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From the Academic Year 2019-2020, registration for the Third Cycle provides an overall share valid for three years, amounting to € 3.900.

You can also pay the entire fee in six-monthly installments, amounting to € 650 each, each year by October 30th(*) and by February 28th without additional charge.

After those dates the academic fee will be increased by € 50.

(*) Only for the Faculties of Canon Law and History and Cultural Heritage of the Church is due by October 15th

Students enrolled in the Third Cycle before the Academic Year 2019-2020 mantain the same semestral fee amounts.

Students who choose to take the Doctorate with Specialization in Law, in the Faculty of Canon Law, have to pay for additional € 2.160 in the year they attend the program of Law.

For the subsequent stages of the doctorate, everyone has to pay for the following fees that are established from year to year, amounting for the current year to:

Upon approval of the topic of the dissertation € 1.250
Upon approval of the plan of the dissertation € 1.250
Upon delivery of the dissertation € 1.250

The possible continuation of the Third Cycle, over three years from the date of registration, requires an "annual validation" and the payment of the registration fee established from year to year.

For academic year 2019/2020 the amounts is € 650 to be paid by September 10, 2020.

The entire registration fee for the Doctorate and / or the annual validation must be always paid before the delivery of the dissertation.

The defense will take place about two months after the delivery of the dissertation, not considering the period from July 1st to August 31st 2018.

June 22, 2020 is the last valid date for the delivery of the dissertation which allows the defense by October 19, 2020 without incurring in the eventual annual validation fee planned for the following academic year.

3. Special fees 2019-2020

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For each course, seminar, guided reading, workshops, etc.. added or changed after the registration deadlines € 30
For each exam added or changed after the reservation deadlines€ 30
For each exam: reserved and not supported (NP); to support out of Ordinary Time (FT); to support in extraordinary session (SS)€ 30
Renouncement of the study course; transfer to another course of study€ 50
All diplomas (except for the Doctorate)€ 70
For the Certificate of Vows and the Certificate of Degree (1)€ 15
Duplicate of magnetic card€ 10

(1) For the Certificate of degree the first copy is free

4. Library Card 2019-2020

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For external users access to the University Library  
Annual card€ 160
URBE users, alumni and Gregorian University former professors annual card€ 80
Students Annual card for “Alberto Hurtado Center”€ 60
Quarterly card€ 60
Monthly card€ 40
Weekly card€ 20
Daily card€ 10