• Accademic Unit
    Faculty of Theology
  • Course
    Licentiate in Theology specialization in Fundamental Theology , Annual Diploma in Judaic Studies and Jewish-Christian relations, Licentiate in Judaic Studies and Jewish-Christian relations

Content: This course begins with a historical study of the use of the Bible on the Church with emphasis on the teaching in Dei Verbum regarding how the use of historical critical method can be integrated into a broader theological project. It turns to the 1993 document of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, “Interpreting the Bible Within the Church” to explore the distinction between the literal sense and the fuller sense ( senus plenior) of the Bible; how the Bible can be “the soul of sacred theology”; and how such a theology can guide the pastoral use of the Bible. Finally, it introduces the thought of Bernard Lonergan, author of Method in Theology, and explores how the notion of “functional specialties” can illuminate these broad themes of the use of the Bible within the Church.

Objectives: To help students recognize how the ultimate purpose of biblical exegesis within the Church is to serve illuminate the wider purpose of theology, which mediates between a culture and the significance and role of a religious tradition within that culture.
\li284 Methodology: Frontal lectures with weekly readings and
occasional small group meetings.
\li852 Means of evaluation: An oral exam and/or a written paper.


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3


Gerard Kevin WHELAN
Gerard Kevin WHELAN
Stefania DE VITO
Stefania DE VITO

Lesson schedule/Room

Semester Day From To Room Floor Building Notes
2° Semestre Mercoledì 15.00 15.45 VEDI NOTE 0 il corso si tiene al PIB aula magna 3° piano
2° Semestre Mercoledì 16.00 16.45 VEDI NOTE 0


  • Paul Vi, Dei Verbum. Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, 18.11.1965; International Theological Commission, The Interpretation of the Bible Within the Church, Rome 1993; Senior, D., Raymond Browne and the Catholic Biblical Renewal, Paulist Press, New Jersey 2018; Lonergan, B., Method in Theology, in Doran, R.M. – Dadosky, D., ed., Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Vol.14, Toronto University Press, Toronto 2017.


Date Hours Room Exam From Letter To Letter Note
Jun 13, 2024 POMERIGGIO 15 - 17 . Verbal A Z