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    Facoltà di Missiologia
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    Certificate Program

Scope: To get an overview of the theology of religions to thereby enter into contemporary perspectives and to evaluate them with an open yet critical mind.
Content: The course will offer a systematic presentation of the theology of religions right from Scripture down to the present times. Such a presentation
is required to know how this branch of theological science that has developed largely in our modern globalized world helps to understand and review the insights and questions that emerge in regard to the perception
of certain fundamental aspects of the Christian Faith in the context of religious pluralism. It is through the lens of the magisterial teachings that the affirmations made by various authors will be evaluated.
Method: Lectures will be offered through power-point slides encouraging the participation of students through questions, discussions and personal reflections. The examination procedure will be oral.


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3


Bryan LOBO

Lesson schedule

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  • G. D’COSTA, Theology and Religious Pluralism: The Challenge of Other Religions, Oxford 1986; M. DHAVAMONY, Christian Theology
    of Religions: A Systematic Reflection on the Christian Understanding of World Religions, Frankfurt 1998; R. MIIKKA, The Catholic Doctrine on
    Non-Christian Religions According to the Second Vatican Council, Netherlands 1992; V.M. K\'c4RKK\'c4INEN, An Introduction to the Theology of Religions:
    biblical, historical and contemporary perspectives, Illinois 2003.

Lecture notes

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Date Hours Room Exam From Letter To Letter Note
Jun 16, 2020 POMERIGGIO 16 - 18 T302 Verbal A Z