Appointments / Pro-Director of the Favre Centre for Formators


On Thursday 22 March 2024, the Rector Fr. Mark Lewis, S.J. - in accordance with Article 32, §1 of the General Statutes of the Pontifical Gregorian University - appointed Fr. Godefroid Bambi Kilunga S.J. as Pro-Director of the "St. Peter Favre" Center for Formators to the Priesthood and Religious Life for a three-year term, effective 1st September 2024.

"On behalf of the University Community, I would like to thank Father Bambi Kilunga for his willingness to offer his service in conducting the Centre and extend to him the best wishes for the continuation of this mission," the Rector wrote in the communication to the University Community. "At the same time, I thank Fr. Adelson Araújo dos Santos for his commitment as Pro-Director of the Centre during these years."




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