Ignaziana 36 / New website and new digital issue

Issue 36 of Ignaziana (www.ignaziana.org), research journal in the tradition of the Society of Jesus, is now online. Starting with this issue, Ignaziana also inaugurates the new issue in electronic format and the renewed website integrated with that of the University.

Issue 36 contains contributions to the journal's first Colloquium entitled Ignatian Spirituality in Jesuit Pedagogy. The contributions, as presented at the Colloquium, are also available in video format.

Ignaziana 36

PINO DI LUCCIO S.I., Introduzione

FRANCISCO RAMÍREZ FUEYO S.I., Los Ejercicios Espirituales como fuente inspiradora de la pedagogía ignaciana

PAUL ROLPHY PINTO S.I., L’ispirazione trinitaria della pedagogia ignaziana

JAMES E. GRUMMER S.I., The Constitutions of the Society of Jesus as a Resource for Ignatian Pedagogy

PAUL OBERHOLZER S.I., Impulsi pedagogici nel generalato di S. Ignazio di Loyola (1541-1556)


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