La Gregoriana 62 - New Digital Edition


The new issue of the information periodical La Gregoriana, in Italian and English, is now also available in the new entirely digital edition, complete with the archive of previous issues of the magazine. In addition to being easier to read on computer devices of various formats, the digital edition is multimedial and interactive, integrated with the institutional website and its social channels.

Among the in-depth articles in this issue: a first focus on the Gregoriana's Strategic Plan 2023-2028, with a guide to reading and understanding it by Prof. Francesco Cesareo. And a second focus on the themes of administration, leadership and management, with contributions from Vice Rector Lino Dan, and Professors Stefano Del Bove and Benedict Jung.

Among the new initiatives introduced for the 2023-2024 academic year are the introductory safeguarding course offered to all students; the renewal of the study courses in the Faculty of Missiology; new initiatives in the Faculty of Philosophy (the Philosophical Pilgrimages and the 'Pragmateia' initiative) and the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church (the Permanent Seminar on the History of the Papacy and Popes, and the Diploma in the History and Art of Jubilees).

One year after the death of Benedict XVI, Fr. Carola shares some unpublished memories of the Patristic Seminar meetings with Joseph Ratzinger. Finally, Dr. Altinay Pulido recounts 20 years of the International Students Office, a valuable service offered to our university community.

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