The Gregoriana's Strategic Plan 2023-2028


Following the visit of the Evaluation Commission of the AVEPRO and the presentation of its Report, the Pontifical Gregorian University has moved on to the next stage which involves the definition of its Strategic Plan, identifying the general priorities and specific objectives to be achieved over the next five years. After several meetings organized to determinate the key priorities and consulted with various members of our academic community, the new Strategic Plan of the Gregorian University for the five-year period 2023-2028 was drafted.

«The development of the Strategic Plan was an important time to stop and reflect, to think differently, with creativity», explained Rector Fr. Mark Lewis, S.I. «The vision and mission of the University must guide the Strategic Plan and be reflected in it, but for that very reason the focus must remain on the University's own mission, which must be in line with the challenges of the time».




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