´Anekantavada´ and ´Ahimsa´of Jainism for Interreligious Dialogue and Peace

  • ´Anekantavada´ and ´Ahimsa´of Jainism for Interreligious Dialogue and Peace

´Anekantavada´ and ´Ahimsa´of Jainism for Interreligious Dialogue and Peace

The doctrine of ‘Anekantvada’ (many-sidedness) in Jainism holds that truth is not exhausted by a single narrative or standpoint, on the contrary, there can be multiple perceptions and points of view concerning truth of a thing, a person, or a situation. This doctrine asserts that truth is viewed and comprehended by individuals, according to their natural conditions and socio-cultural conditionings. It posits that all possible ‘nayas’ (partial standpoints) should always be explored in our search for comprehending the whole truth. It exhorts the Jains, therefore, to have a non-absolutist but rather an inclusive approach to truth pertaining to things, persons, and situations, and in a manner respectful of the diversity of views and beliefs which, per se, differ one from the other.

‘Ahimsa’ (non-violence) is another vital tenet of Jainism. It implies that no harm is to be done, in thought, word, or deed, to any living being -human and non-human, sentient beings and organisms included.

‘Anekantvada’ and ‘Ahimsa’ profoundly complement each other in theory and practice. Therefore, for the followers of Jainism these remain the foundational aspects of the kind of life they have been called to lead daily. Practice of ‘Anekantvada’ and ‘Ahimsa’, in fact, promotes harmony and fraternity among humans and nurtures care in the created order.

Believers, no matter the religious tradition to which they belong, are fellow travellers in search of truth, each one bringing with him/her the richness of his or her beliefs and convictions (cfr. Fratelli Tutti, 8). In this journey, therefore, it is necessary that all believers be open to and respectful of others, and of their rights and viewpoints, in charity, justice and truth, without having to give up their own faith traditions and religious convictions.  

‘Anekantvad’ and ‘Ahimsa’, with their attractive worldview, namely, ‘live non-violently’ and ‘favour truth amidst and in spite of diversity and differences’ are veritable safe launchpads wherefrom to take off in the direction of promotion of interreligious dialogue and peace.

Date: Mar 4, 2024
Hours: From 17:00 To 18:30
Organizer: Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies
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