La provvidenza di Dio e il senso della vita umana

  • La provvidenza di Dio e il senso della vita umana

La provvidenza di Dio e il senso della vita umana

Prospettive della filosofia analitica e continentale

In classical theism God’s providence is human life meaning foundation. However, modern objections to God's providential plan for the world have shaken this foundation and raised great questions, which are at the center of the current debate in the philosophy of religion. How is the providential action of God on the world recognized? Do the present evils contradict God's providential plan and to what extent? To what extent is the human being an instrument of God's providential plan? The Conference intends to address these questions starting from both the analytical and continental philosophical perspectives, establishing an open dialogue between philosophy and theology.

Date from Nov 11, 2021 to Nov 12, 2021
Organizer: Faculty of Philosophy
Room: Not available

Pontificia Università Gregoriana
Piazza della Pilotta, 4
I-00187 Roma

In-person attendance requires registration.

Live Streaming would be available only for November the 11th.

For further informatin please contact the Faculty of Philosophy
Ph. +39 06 67015441

In partnership with:

  • Associazione Italiana di Filosofia della Religione -
  • Fondazione Centro Studi Filosofici Gallarate -

11 November 2021
9,00-13,30 Aula Magna
15,00-19,30 Room C008

12 November 2021
9,00-13,30 Gruppi di lavoro

The AIFR General Assembly will take place at the end of the Conference (members only).

Aldo Magris - Università di Trieste
Giacomo Canobbio – Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Settentrionale , Milano
Thomas Joseph White OP – Pontificia Università San Tommaso, Roma
Lubos Rojka SJ – Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Roma
Ciro De Florio e Aldo Frigerio – Università Cattolica, Milano
Simon Maria Kopf – Humboldt University of Berlin
Roberto Di Ceglie – Pontificia Università Lateranense, Roma