La ricerca di Dio: una via possibile d'incontro tra Islam e Cristianesimo?

  • La ricerca di Dio: una via possibile d

La ricerca di Dio: una via possibile d'incontro tra Islam e Cristianesimo?

SR. ABIR HANNA, O.S.A., Monaca Agostiniana - Pennabilli

In various religions, including Islam, mysticism represents a space of contact with the divine that often transcends forms and dogmas of belonging. The mystic/the mystic lives in the burning desire to encounter the God-Beloved and continually discovers that he or she stands on the "threshold of God's house." Thanks to this dynamic of a tireless search for the Beloved, mysticism enters history as a possible way of encounter between religions through the key of mutual recognition. Under the guidance of a biblical and monastic gaze, an attempt will be made to sketch in Islamic mysticism possible "thresholds" of encounter.

Date: Feb 20, 2023
Hours: From 17:00 To 18:30
Organizer: Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies
Category: Islam-Christianism Forum
Room: 007 - Frascara

Pontificia Università Gregoriana
Piazza della Pilotta, 4
I-00187 Roma

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