Tra labirinti e biblioteche - Scientia Curtis di Edith Stein

Tra labirinti e biblioteche - Scientia Curtis di Edith Stein

Emma Caroleo

"Scientia crucis. Study on St. John of the Cross" is a posthumous work. Its author, Teresa Benedicta della Croce, belonged to the Discalced Carmelite community of the monastery of Echt, in the Netherlands, from which she was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp, where she died together with a sister, both of Jewish origin and converted to Catholicism.

Her original name was Edith Stein, well known at the beginning of the 1920s at the Faculty of Philosophy in Freiburg, Germany, where she received her doctorate with honors under the guidance of Edmond Husserl, of whom she was first an assistant and then a colleague, in years and environments in which it was not at all obvious for a woman to see her merits recognized. 

Professor Emma Caroleo, associate professor at our Institute of Spirituality, will present the book.

Date Mar 17, 2020
Hours: From 17:30 To 19:00
Organizer: Alberto Hurtado Centre for Faith and Culture
Category: The Gregorian Tuesdays
Room: C008

Pontificia Università Gregoriana
Piazza della Pilotta, 4
00187 Roma

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