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Saint Peter Favre Centre for Formators to the Priesthood and Religious Life

Director Fr. Stanisław Morgalla, SJ

2019-2020 Academic Program

Academic Year 2019-2020

New Academic Program To consult the Academic Program

Some students in a working subgroup with Prof. S. Morgalla SJ
Prof. E. G. Magaña SJ with some students of the years 2013-2015 on a visit to St. Peter's Basilica
Some students at the party at the end of Academic Year 2014-2015
Prof. S. Morgalla SJ with female students at the end of year party 2014-2015
Students trip Academic Year 2013-104
S.E. Mons. Carlos Patrón Wong, the teaching staff and some students to the Congregation for the Clergy
S.E. Mons. Carlos Patrón Wong, Prof. S. Morgalla, prof. J. Corkery and prof. L. Crepy cjm to the Congregation for the Clergy
Some students of the years 2014-2016 after the visit to the Congregation for the Clergy
The 1st year of Favre Center with S.E. Mons. Luis Ladaria SJ to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Nov. 2014)
Celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the end of the Academic Year 2014-2015
The Prof. Donna Orsuto with students of Favre Center and some students of the Institute of Spirituality
Academic Year 2015-2016 - First year students

Purpose: To help vocational and priestly formators acquire a more precise educational expertise in the realization of the task - entrusted to them by their Bishops, Superiors or Major Superiors - of discernment and vocational accompaniment of seminarians and religious men and women.

Methodology: Inspired by the Ignatian Spirituality, the Centre seeks to elaborate an interdisciplinary and dialogic model of formation (theology, spirituality, psychology and other human sciences). Courses and seminars, in-situ visits, exchanges in small working groups (linguistic), thematic workshops favor a theoretical and practical preparation of the role of the formator. In addition, the proposal of a personal accompaniment - spiritual direction, vocational growth interviews, group dynamics - are intended to help prospective formators arrive at a synthesis and a personal integration.

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Notice Board of the Saint Peter Favre Centre

Il processo di ammissione per l'Anno Accademico 2019-2020 è aperto dal 16 gennaio al 30 aprile 2019.

Disponibili video-registrazioni (19 ott) e audio-registrazioni (26 ott):

Workshop/ Convegno:

Il Dono della vocazione.

La Gregoriana commenta la nuova

Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis

Procedures for the admission

The pre-registration process begins January 16 and ends on April 30 every year. The application form must be complete on appropriate forms available at the Director of the Centre.

Please contact the Director to start the practical application acceptance Contact  Saint Peter Favre Centre for Formators to the Priesthood and Religious Life .

Candidates must attend an interview with the Director, to complete their enrollment, no later than September 20.

For candidates to the license of Spiritual Theology with specialization in Vocational Formation, it will be necessary the authorization of the Faculty of Theology and comply with all the current norms of admission of such Faculty.

However in September, candidates must present the duly completed online inscription form to the Registrar's Office, authorized by the Director of the Centre. Watch to each accademic calendar in order to know the start and the end dates of the admission period:

To complete the online inscription form and the online registration form go to:

There are a limited number of places.

The number of admitted students will be determinate each year in order to offer a strong active partecipation and a good performance of practical experience and exercises to the students.

The Centre reserves the right to value and decide - even during the formation - if a student is eligible to continue or not the program, since the delicacy of the task.