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Director Fr. Laurent Basanese, SJ

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The purpose of the Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies is to clarify the many questions about the relationship between Christianity and Islam or between Christianity and the Religions and Cultures of Asia, in an increasingly globalized world. The comparative study helps towards a historical, philosophical, theological and political knowledge necessary to analyse interreligious relations, arguments and debates.

Not only does the Centre contribute to the formation offered by other Faculties and Academic Units of the Gregorian University, but also offers:

The students of the Centre - laity, priests, religious - are eligible to receive the Diploma in Interreligious Studies at the Gregorian (2 semesters, 60 ECTS). The curriculum towards the Diploma shall be prepared by the Director and his team.

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Notice Board of the Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies


The Secretariat of the Centre will be active until Tuesday 30 July. The service will resume regularly on Monday 9 September. For urgent communications, please write an e-mail to the Director. With best wishes of a peaceful and restful summer.


The Joint Research Group Center for Interreligious Studies-PISAI was officially born, working on the theme: "The Document on Human Brotherhood: Theological, Philosophical and Social Reflections and Developments". The referents of the research group are the two directors of the respective Institutions: the Dean of PISAI P. Diego Sarriň Cucarella and the Director of the Gregorian Center for Interreligious Studies, P. Laurent Basanese. The members of the group are nine representatives of the two Institutions: Valentino Cottini, Lorenzo Maggioni, Adnane Mokrani, Wasim Salman, Ambrogio Bongiovanni, Andrea Mandonico, Federico Stella, Virgilio Sottana and Jason Welle.


Now available n. 10 of Interreligious and Intercultural Investigations Series: "The Challenges of Religions Today - 2018".

The volumes of the series are on sale on the publisher's website: or at the G&B Press library, inside the Pontifical Gregorian University (Room CA02)

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The publication of the Series Interreligious and Intercultural Investigations has been restarted.

"The Series Interreligious and Intercultural Investigations" started in 1999. Its purpose is to contribute to the encounter of Christianity with people of different religions and cultures, both traditional and contemporary. The Series includes doctoral dissertations of the Pontifical Gregorian University and other academic institutions, as well as scholarly works in line with its editorial policy".

The Editorial Board is composed of Dr. Amal Hazeen and Dr. Monica Romano and the director of the series is Fr. Laurent Basanese, director of the Gregorian Center for Interreligious Studies.

The Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies has initiated a new protocol of intent with the Institut d'études islamo-chrétiennes of the Université Saint-Joseph of Beirut (Lebanon): Possibility for the students who have obtained the Diploma in Interreligious Studies from the Gregorian University to continue in the Second Year of the Master en relations islamo-chrétiennes in Beirut.

The Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies, in collaboration with the Historical Archives of the Pontifical Gregorian University, began digitizing unpublished writings of Baldassare Diego Loyola Mandes S. J. (1631-1667).

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The Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies has initiated a new protocol of intent with the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI) in Rome.