• Accademic Unit
    Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies
  • Course
    Diploma in Interreligious Studies

Objectives: This workshop will bring into light the significance and importance of the metaphorical fight between two families, Pāndavas and Kauravas, who represent good and evil. The question “can violence be an obligation?” will be posed in the light of the spiritual journey, which is actually the context of the religious text Bhagavadgī tā, one of the sacred books of Hinduism, in the framework of a dialogue with Christianity. The whole discussion also aims to introduce to the students some aspects of the spiritual and philosophical understanding of Hinduism and its way of life.

Contents: Hermeneutical approach to the text. Presentation and reading of the eighteen chapters of Bhagavadgī tā with the support of some commentaries of different philosophical schools. The meaning of yoga and the three means of inner liberation: karma (action) ā na (wisdom) bhakti (love and devotion).

Methodology: This subject matter is studied as a workshop, which follows the pedagogy of information and reflection by the professor and the students respectively. The students are expected to have a weekly personal reflection as an ongoing learning process and to share it in the class.

Means of Evaluation: Each student will be evaluated on his or her weekly reflections and a final research paper of 1,500 words.


  • Semestre: 1° Semestre
  • ECTS: 2



Lesson schedule/Room

Semester Day From To Room Floor Building Notes
1° Semestre Martedì 17.00 17.45 T400 4 Traspontina Dal 14 novembre al 19 dicembre 2023
1° Semestre Martedì 18.00 18.45 T400 4 Traspontina Dal 14 novembre al 19 dicembre 2023


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