The Faculty of Missiology of the Pontifical Gregorian University trains lay people, priests and religious who wish to offer missionary and evangelization services all over the world and who want to deepen themes related to the Christian mission. The training is aimed at qualifying students, teachers and experts in the field of missiology for various academic institutes in the world and for the respective particular Churches or the religious Institutes they belong to.

The Faculty presents an articulated formation through systematic and interdisciplinary studies of the foundations of Christian mission, the missionary nature of the Church and the methods which distinguish its apostolic action in the world and its two-thousand-year history, of theological and social 'frontier' questions, and intercultural and interreligious dialogue. Such a formation includes not only the religious sciences and theology, but also those disciplines of the human sciences that greatly contribute to the knowledge of the various aspects of the human reality. It also helps us to reflect on the challenges posed to the mission of the church, and to Christianity in general, from the contemporary world, from globalization and from religious and cultural pluralism.

The Faculty offers students a critical and interactive approach not only through lectures, workshops, seminars and participation in forums and other external activities, but also by enhancing the richness of the missionary experiences of the students themselves. Starting from the current academic year 2019-2020, the Faculty has launched an additional integrated one-semester program in English entitled “Renewal Program for Missionaries”, for all those seeking an on-going formation in Rome on the issues of Christian Mission.