Programs and Courses

The Faculty's academic offer is divided into three cycles

  • The Baccalaureate or First Cycle offers a basic philosophical education to students who intend both to continue their studies in the Faculty of Theology and to achieve academic degrees in the Faculty of Philosophy. The programme of this cycle therefore includes a two-year course, which leads to the Faculty of Theology, and a third year, which is required for the Baccalaureate in Philosophy.
  • The Licentiate or Second Cycle, which lasts 2 years, entitles you to the Licentiate; it offers a program of in-depth studies with a view to the personal elaboration of a philosophical synthesis through teaching in different specializations. Occasionally, in a special way if the philosophical formation of a student has to be completed with courses related to the First Cycle, the Second Cycle can last 5 or 6 semesters.
  • The Doctorate or Third Cycle normally lasts at least 3 years and aims at the degree of Doctor, starts with a one-year Cursus ad doctoratum during which the student perfects the methodology of university research and directs his or her investigation. The following years are dedicated to personal research and the elaboration of the Doctoral Dissertation. Third Cycle students are required to stay in Rome for at least 2 years of full-time study.

All the diplomas issued by the Faculty are conferred by authority of the Holy See and comply with the European agreements of the Bologna Process.


Our academic offerings