Language Requirements

All Baccalaureate students are required to have:

  • a satisfactory knowledge of Italian for non-Italian students enrolling for the first time and for "Freisemester" students taking courses in Italian. This knowledge must be proven by a relevant certificate and by a compulsory test, organized by the University at the beginning of each semester and valid as first foreign language (see Ordo Anno Academici, section Orientamento/ Corso di lingua italiana).
  • a satisfactory knowledge of Latin language, proven by a relevant certificate. If this is not the case, the student must attend the prescribed semester courses of Latin I and/or II (in Italian or English), each worth 4 ECTS.
  • a basic knowledge of Greek. Failing this, the student must attend the prescribed six-month course in Greek I (in Italian or English), each worth 4 ECTS.

Those who, however, were in possession of a certificate, are still required to attend 3 language courses chosen from among those offered by the Faculty. Language courses higher than level I are preceded by a "qualifying examination", aimed at assessing knowledge of the language. Those who have not attended a language course at the Faculty at the previous level and successfully passed the exam are required to take the qualifying exam.

For the language requirements of the Licentiate and Doctorate, see the description of the respective programs in the Program of Studies.