The Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church was established both to investigate and detect in its historical process the path and life of the Church, and to study and protect the historical and artistic heritage of Christian Tradition.

The Faculty aims to train future teachers and scholars of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church, making them aware of the profound reality of the Mystery of the Church, who must be able to discover by drawing directly from all types of sources, and to expose - "not saying anything false or silent what is true" - also through the enhancement of the spiritual and cultural heritage of its historical and artistic heritage.

The Faculty studies the History and Heritage of the Universal Church. Having its seat in Rome and welcoming the opportunities of the monuments and archives present there, the Faculty prefers in particular research on the History and Art that flourished in Rome and on the proclamation of the Gospel in different cultures.

The Faculty, located in the diocese of the Successor of St. Peter or in the heart of the Orbis Christianus, consecrates - in the spirit of the Society of Jesus - a privileged attention to the Apostle Peter and to each of his successors.