The "Alberto Hurtado" Centre for Faith and Culture, drawing on the rich tradition of the Roman College nourished by Ignatian pedagogy, offers itself as an innovative proposal within the University, a proposal that seeks to go to the "frontiers" of faith and culture, to think about the relationship between faith and culture, to take on the challenges of Christian intelligence in today's world.

The Centre is innovative for:

the recipients of the offer, i.e. young lay people who want to combine their human and professional formation with the intelligence of the Christian faith and the teaching of the Church to prepare themselves for the challenges they face in our societies.
its inclusion in the University, as a place that encourages the comparison of issues, experiences and reflections the form of the didactic offer with timetables and days accessible to those who already have a study or work commitment the pedagogical methodology that privileges the work in small groups and the personalization of the paths

Didactic offer

The didactic proposal is presented with different training offers:

Tuesday at the Gregorian: cycle of public lectures, open to all, which take place on Tuesdays, on themes chosen from year to year, made with various collaborations. 

Macrothymia School: this biblical concept, derived from the wisdom of the peasant, indicates the ability of the farmer to endure all kinds of fatigue thanks to his foresight. It is the ability to see over longer distances and according to larger measures, but always rooted in the concrete living.

Sinderesi School: this is an annual course of training in Socio-economic and Political Commitment and is aimed primarily at young people up to 35 years of age, driven by an intelligent civil passion.

Participation in individual courses can be recognised with training credits or in any case certified.