Annual Diploma in Judaic Studies and Jewish-Christian Relations

The Annual Diploma in Judaic Studies and Jewish-Christian Relations programme allows students to obtain, in one academic year, a first acquaintance and overall knowledge of Judaism (history, philosophy, theology, liturgy, culture) and Jewish-Christian relations.

Our formative offering

The two sections of our own courses and seminars are:

  1. Judaic Studies

These courses and seminars aim to deepen the knowledge of Judaism with an emphasis on the study of rabbinic literary production. The study of Biblical and/or modern Hebrew is part of this formation.

  1. B. Jewish-Christian relations

These courses and seminars focus on the development of a Christian Theology of Jewish-Christian relations, with the objective of exploring shared areas on aspects of spiritual experience and ethical commitment.

Annual Diploma Programme

The Annual Diploma programme, lasting two semesters, includes a total commitment of 60 ECTS credits, of which:

  • 42 ECTS (70%) earned from fundamental and optional courses and seminars
  • 18 ECTS (30%) for the final written paper

Recipients and Requirements

For admission to the Cardinal Bea Centre for the Annual Diploma in Judaic Studies and Jewish-Christian Relations, ordinary and extraordinary students must:

  • have obtained the qualification necessary for admission at the university level in the country where they have completed their studies,
  • have adequate knowledge in the fields of Theology and Philosophy,
  • have adequate knowledge of the Italian language and English language, since lessons are carried out in these two languages.