Licentiate in Judaic Studies and Jewish-Christian Relations

The Licentiate aims to offer a solid and multifaceted preparation on Judaism. It also promotes the development of a theology of Jewish-Christian relations and forms students in this field.

A new category of canonical Licentiate established by the Congregation for Catholic Education on 20 October 2020, it is offered exclusively at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Its preparation is entrusted to the “Cardinal Bea” Centre for Judaic Studies of the same university.

The faculty of the Bea Centre is composed of both Christian and Jewish Scholars, and a significant number of courses and seminars are delivered in tandem.

This type of teaching brings together academic expertise and a living experience of Jewish-Christian relations, creating space for dialogue and interaction and fostering an enriching mutual exchange.

Licentiate Programme

Main areas of study include:

  • Rabbinic Literature
  • History of the Jewish People
  • Jewish Philosophy
  • Jewish Liturgy and Prayer
  • Jewish Culture and Art
  • Contemporary Jewish Thought
  • History and Practice of Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Christian Theology and Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Biblical Hebrew - Modern Hebrew

The Licentiate is a four-semester programme. The courses, seminars, Licentiate Thesis and comprehensive final exam amount to a total of 120 ECTS credits.

Courses are taught in Italian and English.

Formative Setting

The Licentiate programme also includes interdisciplinary courses in Biblical Studies, History and Theology utilising the resources of the different faculties of the Pontifical Gregorian University, the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the Pontifical Oriental Institute and the exchange programmes with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The closeness with the Jewish community of Rome, the oldest in the West, offers ideal conditions for experiencing dialogue, through encounters, debates, and participation in moments of prayer and liturgy in the synagogues, activities considered part of the formation process.

The location of the “Cardinal Bea” Centre in Rome, in close contact with the Holy See, facilitates collaboration with authoritative exponents of Jewish-Catholic dialogue in the world.

Admission requisites

Applicants for the Licentiate in Judaic Studies and Jewish-Christian Relations, at the time of registration, must:

  • have obtained the qualification necessary for admission at the university level in the country where they have completed their studies,
  • have obtained at least the university title of Baccalaureate in Theology, or a Bachelor's degree,
  • have adequate knowledge in the fields of Theology and Philosophy,
  • have adequate knowledge of the Italian language and English language, since lessons are carried out in these two languages.

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