Archivum Historiae Pontificiae

«Ad historiam sive civilem sive ecclesiasticam penitus cognoscendam probe norunt omnes scientiae historicae cultores quanti momenti sit historia ipsa pontificia, prout et Summi Pontificatus institutionem, et singolorum Pontificum res gestas spectat» (AHP 1, 1963, p. 7).

Archivum Historiae Pontificiae is a journal published by the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church of the Pontifical Gregorian University.

The magazine, published today by Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church, heir to the Faculty of Ecclesiastical History, opens its horizon to studies on the Cultural Heritage of the Church as a contribution to the history of the Papacy. It is held annually and is open to scientific contributions from professors, researchers and scholars of the Faculty and other international academic institutions. Since the first issue, it has assumed a precise structure that it has always maintained, being divided into the following sections:

  • Articuli: studies on specific aspects of pontifical history or critical editions of unpublished documents.

  • Notae: comprehensive descriptions and comments on the latest research in the pontifical domain.

  • Recensiones: descriptions and comments of publications about pontifical history.

  • Bibliographia: bibliographic list of monographs, essays, studies, editions of texts and articles published during the year, pertinent to the history of the Papacy and the Popes, collected and sorted by age, pontificate and subject matter.

  • Opera ad redactionem missa: publications received by the Editorial Board of Archivum Historiae Pontificiae, sent by the publishing houses.