Programs and courses

The main purpose of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to train, in an international context, students from all the nations of the world so that they, will be back to their countries of origin, can carry out a qualified professional activity according to Christian principles, at the service both of the local Churches and of the bodies dedicated to integral human development.

Each cycle of the Faculty also proposes a series of specific aims:

  • The Baccalaureate provides a preparation that focuses on the essential features of Social Sciences and related research methods. This training course focuses on giving students all those skills that are basic and necessary to work in institutions in the social and ecclesial sector. Moreover, the Baccalaureate not only introduces students to the elaboration and development of research projects, but also allows them to carry out, according to specific criteria, work experience in social organizations. Finally, the Baccalaureate also enables and prepares students to continue their studies through access to the Licentiate level.
  • The Licentiate is a training course that enables the following activities: teaching Social Sciences and the Social Doctrine of the Church; research activities (in particular, in institutions dealing with the social sector, including the field of analysis and pastoral planning); multimedia production and media management; leadership roles.  Finally, the Licentiate also enables and prepares for the continuation of studies through access to the Doctorate level.
  • The Doctorate qualifies for teaching and research in the Social Sciences, in particular in the following disciplinary areas: Sociology, Social Doctrine of the Church and Social Communication.


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