Diploma in Leadership e Management

The Diploma of Leadership and Management is a program of integrated training - reflection on leadership and introduction to management - in creative dialogue with the human and social sciences, which asserts the values of the Christian tradition centered on the leadership of Jesus, to accompany and professionally guide organizations operating on a local and global scale, fully aware of their responsibilities and animated by an authentic spirit of service.


In order to overcome the possible restrictions due to the COVID 19 effects, it is proposed an integrated didactics between classroom presence and on-line learning and structured into:

  • Onsite learning
  • Case Study
  • Workshops

General Information

  • 2 semiannual modules.
  • 8 educational units, one Saturday a month, from 9.00 to 18.00.
  • 15 ECTS for 25 hours of intellectual work on credit (active participation in lectures, study and research activities); a six-monthly written summary is required to obtain the diploma.

The Diploma can also be obtained by those who are already enrolled in another course of study in civil and ecclesiastical universities.


  • Baccalaureate or Bachelor's degree.
  • Certified knowledge of Italian (if not a native speaker).
  • Presentation letter of the ecclesiastical authority.

The SL0001 course will be enabled with a minimum of 15 students..


September 15th to October 15th. The registration forms, printed and signed, in original copy, must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.


The language of the course is Italian; interviews and written works can also be carried out in the main Western languages, subject to the teacher's acceptance: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German..


610 euro (also in two payments)


Social Sciences Secretariat; email: [email protected], Phone: +39 06 67015186