Giorgio Monari


Giorgio Monari is a musicologist, musician, and event manager. He graduated cum laude in Modern languages and literatures (1992), and obtained his Ph.D. degree in Music history (2001) at Sapienza University, under the guidance of Luciana Stegagno Picchio, Pierluigi Petrobelli and Francesco Giannattasio. He obtained his M.Mus. in Choral music (1994) at Bari Conservatory. He studied Piano and Composition, and went deeper into Choral Conducting thanks to Robert Ray, Gary Graden, Martin Schmidt and Karl Høgset. He also studied Vocal Technique (Voicecraft) under the guidance of Elisa Turlà. His musical interests range from traditional European music to African and Afro-American music.

Since 1990 and until 2011, he conducted the Diego Carpitella Choir of Sapienza University of Rome, where he collaborates now with Musica Sapienza –since 2007. He began teaching choral music and music history at Sapienza University since 2002 and until 2011. After 2011, he held workshops of Vocal Music at the Faculty of Letters of the same University. He taught sacred music history at Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana of Rome (2009-2016), where he founded the Students’ Choir in 2014. Moreover, he conducts the Aquarela intercultural choral workshop at the Brazilian Embassy of Rome, which gave birth to the Carnaval Concerts at Sapienza University in 2009.


The Cantors

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