The Quality Assurance process is to be considered as a cyclical, shared, continuous activity and is divided into the following phases:

  1. Self-assessment and SWOT Analysis
  2. Conclusion of the self-assessment and drafting of the RAV (Self-assessment Report)
  3. External Evaluation, Avepro Commission Evaluation Report
  4. Drawing up of the Quality Improvement Plan (QMP)
  5. Strategic Plan (SP)

The Gregorian University in May 2020 concluded the Quality Assessment Process, with the SWOT Analysis of the Faculties, Institutes, Centers, Technical and Administrative Services: the analysis of strengths (Strengths), weaknesses (Weaknesses), opportunities (Opportunities) and threats (Threats).

This analysis was done in small groups consisting of students and professors within each academic unit, while the administrative staff did it in their respective service units.

From November 2020 to February 2021, each academic and administrative unit prepared its own Self-Assessment Report (RAV). The Quality Committee and the Office of the Academic Vice Rector will curate the University's overall RAV, which they will submit to Avepro in the next academic year.