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Faculty of Missiology

Dean Fr. Milan Žust, SJ

Universality of Missiology

The Faculty contributes to the formation of the messengers of the Gospel of Christ in different parts of the world, as well as those preparing to be formators or professors in the Seminaries and Universities or specialists in the issues of evangelization in their respective local Churches or religious Institutions.

The Faculty includes three specializations, independent and complementary: Ad Gentes, New Evangelization and Theology of Religions. Besides the basic teaching, the Faculty proposes to the students to reflect on the nature and the method of missionary work, as well as the challenges of evangelization in the contemporary world among different religions and cultures.

Notice Board of the Faculty of Missiology


From May 29th to June 30th, the Tutor of the Faculty of Missiology, Fr. Jad El Chlouk, is available only by appointment. At the end of June, he will finish his service for this accademic year.


Grades and Titles conferred by the Faculty

In the Faculty the following degrees are conferred: Bachelors, Diploma, Licentiate and Doctorate.

Publications of the Faculty of Missiology